MOH Tips

My best friend’s wedding was perfect; EVERYTHING you would imagine. The flowers, the food, and the bride. I had the pleasure of getting to help plan and stand beside her on her big day. Today I wanted to share some MOH tips!

Depending on the length of the engagement, get some ideas from your BFF/bride-to-be of what she wants. Do not go against the brides wishes because you think she will like your ideas better. This is all about her!
Ask her the following..

  • Does she wants an engagement party? – less than 1 month after engagement
    If so, gather a guest list including addresses. Send invites, determine a location and book a venue/restaurant! Have some snacks, photo props & of course a light celebration toast!
  • Showers? (lingerie, bridal)  – 3-4 months before the wedding
    It’s courtesy to ask the bride-to-be if she would want this, we want her to feel comfortable! The bride may want separate showers- one for family and one for friends. If she does want showers, determine a theme. You can go all out on hosting the perfect shower all while being on a budget. You can see one of my previous posts about throwing a bridal shower for more tips!
  • Bachelorette party – 1-2 months before the wedding
    This is a must. One last fling before the ring! Determine location, theme, activities to do while there and transportation. Add special touches such as having personalized t-shirts made, gift bags ready and the hotel room decorated. I even created a hastag for my BFF’s bach party! It is courtesy that the bride not pay for anything. Divide it up between the bridal party and it won’t be a stress on anyone!

Wedding planning can be exhausting and expensive, the last thing the bride needs is to feel stressed.

  • Go with her to try on dresses.
    She’ll want your opinion!
    With my BFF, her first stop was Kleinfeld’s in NYC! It’s important to give her your honest opinion (but do not tell her what you don’t like), as well as making sure she loves her dress. Also, determine her thoughts for bridesmaid dresses (but do not tell her what you do not like/cannot do) I actually found our bridesmaid dresses for her wedding HERE!
  • Be the DE-stresser!
    Throughout her engagement, be there for her to calm her down. Shower her with texts of encouragement or little gifts. One thing I did was send her a “100 more days” package. It included a hand-written note, a “Mrs.” Kate Spade Tumbler (GET IT HERE!), and old photos of her and her future groom.
  • Check in/Timeline duty
    Engagements are either long or short, but no matter the length- everything needs to be done. Ask what you can help with, ask if there is anything you can do. It will help the bride more than you know! She selected you as her MOH for a reason, let’s not let her down!

It’s finally here! SHOWTIME.

  • You are the runner & the getter on her big day. Make sure she gets sleep, make sure she eats and make sure the brides/grooms gifts/rings get received. Make sure the decorations are to her standards, make sure there is no drama and keep tabs of time. Do not give her a reason to micromanage.
  • Make a “You’ve Got This” kit AKA emergency- you WILL need it! The one I made included tissues, q-tips, tic-tacs, Advil/Tylenol, a tide-to-go pen and many other important things.
  • Make sure to hold her dress while she walks and that her dress is fixed while taking pictures.
  • Do not get drunk at the reception and embarrass her.
  • Give your speech. If you’re a writer, write one out. If you’re not- just wing it and speak from the heart. She’ll love you either way 🙂

On the morning of my BFF’s wedding, I gave her a gift that I had been working on for months. A handmade “Letters to the Bride Scrapbook” It’s the perfect gift for your best friend on her big day! This is where all of those pictures you’ve taken come in handy 🙂 She will LOVE it!
My scrapbook included…
First Date/First Kiss
How He Asked
Lingerie Shower/Bridal Shower
Bachelorette Trip
Letters To The Bride- from her MOH & each bridesmaid (you could also include her mom/dad & groom)


Photographer: SUNLIT MOMENTS

It was a perfect wedding. To you Maid of Honor’s out there, I hope some of my tips may help you!
*I am no expert, this is based on my own experience*

Brooke Flatt