Warm & Cozy..

“Baby, it’s cold outside!” It’s getting cold here in Nashville, especially at night! Wishing for some snow!
I love Winter, however, I get cold super easy. SO, it’s a struggle staying warm. With the help of THE MINT JULEP BOUTIQUE, I’m covered!
As many of you know, I LOVE The Mint Julep Boutique. THIS Fur Frenzy Pullover Jacket is the perfect shade of Burgundy. Not only is it warm & cozy, they can also monogram it! This pullover jacket has my new initials (293 more days until our wedding!) which I’m super excited about! This Pullover Jacket perfect for snuggling up, drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies! It’s also great to throw on with jeans and head out the door.

The Jacket is under $50 PLUS if you sign up for SHOP THE MINT e-mails, you will receive $10 on your first order! Who doesn’t love a good deal like that?


Enjoy! XO


Brooke Flatt